How to contribute to the organization directory / database?

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How to Create an Organization Profile in the Directory/Database

  • Open Github Desktop
  • Select ecosystem as current repository
  • Click ‘fetch origin’ to sync your local clone of the repo with the remote repo
  • Create a new branch for the edits you are about to make
  • Open ecosystem/content in Obsidian
  • Create new note in Obsidian in the tbd folder
  • Insert template named “profile”
  • Fill in profile, in accordance with “profile-documentation” guidelines
  • In Github Desktop: commit your changes to the branch you created
  • In Github Desktop, click ‘Publish branch’
  • In Github online, create pull request and request review

Video walkthrough: Anastasia & Life Itself (Catherine) re Research Volunteering (2024-03-01 09:14 GMT) - Google Drive

Try it out

Try it out by doing these steps:


  • Give a rough numerical estimate of how close it is to the “centre” of the Second Renaissance ecosystem (cf outline of key characteristics:
  • Write “quick and dirty” rough note why