‘The Whole Country Is Falling to Bits’: Britain’s Young Voters Are Frustrated

OK-ish video (not long enough) and interesting in the thesis and data: young people in UK have no-one to vote for – they are only group who are not showing any increase in support for Labour.

Perfect example of the “political (vision) crisis”.

  • Demonstration of need and opportunity around second renaissance in providing social and political vision
  • Evidence for 2R thesis in that current political still trapped in a mainstream that is largely modern-dominated narrative that makes shift hard
  • This is also a difficulty: voters generally want reassurance so it is hard to “tell the truth”

Aside: interest to examine the narratives people hold. e.g. green voter claiming “the systems is working for very few people” (what does that mean?). Or the breakdown the NHS (sadly that clip is cut short so we don’t know what is going on).